Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One Guy to Another

Disclaimer: This is totally a fictional story………I did acquire some ideas from personal experience and being around. Also, you might not enjoy this unless you truly know the author.

This is a short story of a young adult coming to learn a few lessons in a game called life. His story starts off right after high school and there after going into military service. Paul Kirkpatrick had two goals in his life. One to make a life for him and two, make a life for his love. He was recklessly in love with a high school sweat heart and she felt the same for him.

Throughout his military service he was called into battle. Months after his enlistment he went to another country with young comrades that shared aspirations similar to his and that is were he met a good friend, Pvt. Anthonys. These two became inseparable and eventually they arrived home that's when the three of them became the best of friends together and that is where this little story begins.

About a year to the date, after young Pvt. Kirkpatrick came home, his high school sweet heart and him had a falling out. For whatever reasons of growing apart and having been away for so long they just couldn't live together anymore. They split and Kirkpatrick remained friends with Anthonys and Anthonys remained friends with the girl.

A few years past, then it came to be that Anthonys told Kirkpatrick that he had an affair with the girl and she took his virginity. Anthonys never meant to hurt his friend and Kirkpatrick knew this at heart. He loved his friend just as much as he once loved the girl. So he forgave his friend. To this day his friend always remained truthful to his friend and told him whenever she contacts the other. Anthonys always felt compelled to ask him if he should. Strangely, Kirkpatrick always said, "its fine, she's married to some other guy though I don't know if she will?" To this Anthonys laughed and always did have a way with her. It continues till today and though he never feels malice toward his friend he always feels disrespected to a girl that once professed her love to him. Occasionally he sees his old love in town, with her husband, yet there is no anger in his heart. He feels in the depths of his soul…….pity…… for the man that loves her undyingly, as he watches his good friend do this to a guy he hardly knows. But it is not his place to interfere with someone else's life. Maybe there is a day when her husband asks for what has been stolen from him, that being the truth and maybe adult Kirkpatrick will give him his restitution. When that day passes there might be a sequel.


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