Friday, February 15, 2008

Amazing Billiards in Super Slow Motion. Vote Ron Paul 2008

I love pool! You'll enjoy this if you like the game.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

a Romanian philosopher

"What a man knows only through feeling can be explained only through enthusiasm."
-E.M. Cioran
Enthusiasm is the essence right now. That is how I can sum up my attitude and out look on life. My relationship, romantically speaking, is very positive. The closeness that I have with my family and, more specifically, my cousin is key to my current position on life. Things aren't perfect and I don't expect them to be. Life is never easy and what fun would it be if it were? The pool team is struggling but growing. I credit that aspect of my life to complementing my leadership abilities and learning life skills. I find more and more that I can learn from people around me, that aren't experts on anything, in comparison to experts or professionals. I never block out good advice but I can't help to be enthusiastic about the future. I know there are many tests and obstacles in my path but I say, 'bring it asshole and controller of life'. Also, I would like to say, "Mr. Pool God, if you could not fuck with my pool game anymore than it already is, I would appreciate it……..that is all. Oh and your awesome, amen." I don't really have a message to send out here but I am encouraged and looking for more no matter what the test.
-Paul Kilpatrick

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

True Romance

I know you have heard it before and I can promise you will hear it again. When I do say it, know that it's true, it's because it's true; I love you. It's incredible the way you feel and the ability you have to make me feel better even under the worst of circumstances. I can't even say that with as much enthusiasm as I wish to mean. God! Girl I love you and when were together we may not be the best, but we are something that no one else can be…..en masse.
But before I go any further let me fully articulate what it is that makes you, you. It could be a plethora of things but it starts from the balance of your essence. To your core, you are stable from top to bottom. You are smooth even to the touch. I can't help to have you in my hands even when we're out among others. The way you feel when your in my hands and the sensation I get when your sliding in and out of my fingers is……indescribable! It makes me want to be with you even when it's not appropriate. I love the game of pool and my pool stick more than anything else. What did you think I was talking about?
One thing I learned while playing the game of pool is that you always respect your opponent and you know their true potential. That's precisely what I did tonight. To set the setting a little better, my friend and I decided to leave our former pool team after a very successful season and post season. We even won the playoff championship. Why you might ask? Because, we don't care about winning nearly as much as we want and strive to be better players and play to the best of our abilities.
Tonight my best friend and I truly played our cards right and followed the rules. We studied them and played our old team the way we wanted to. It was the South Side Hit Men vs. Nice Rack. The Outcome: 4 games to 1, over last season's playoff champions. No, I don't mean to boast and I agree that there was a lot of luck in it but the fact remains. We overcame a team that was more experienced, more talented, and on and off paper, just flat out better. I plan to execute every week in the same manner and as a team and plan out new ways to make our team better. My captain and I might be over zealous here but we definitely made a statement……..'We are for real. Take us for who we are and we will give you a fight. We are truly a Nice Rack.' –Team name. (I know it's a bad pun but hey work with it for me)
Paul Kilpatrick