Friday, June 27, 2008

Im Back Jack!

So after a long month at Ft. Chaffee Chris is back! I have to tell you that training sucked but all together I found it to be really useful. Going into this mobilization I had zero faith in many of my counter parts. Now, walking away from it all I have a lot of faith in them as well as my capabilities of being a leader. Not to mention I now have some new bonds forming with guys that I really trust and will have my back when it really matters most. I recently read one of those yahoo bulletins the other day and it was something to the affect that soldiers are three times more likely to die in Afghanistan than in Iraq. Of course I didn’t bother to read it, but now that time is changing sides and now battling me I feel the stresses of what possibilities there are. I’m not usually of a pessimistic nature but there are a lot of ‘what if’s’……..Much to think about in a relatively short time.