Tuesday, August 19, 2008

1:44AM, Tomale, A tear, & a glass of milk

There he is, driving in his car all by himself watching the days sun set, trying to hold back the overwhelming emotion surging through his body. It’s as if you can’t feel any physical pain because the emotional pain exceeds all. It feels like a giant bolder in his throat as he drives by the rest of the world on the freeway. He’s been preparing for this the whole year and yet saying good bye is the hardest thing to come. In all honesty, he would much rather chose a bullet than watch his mother and father cry as they wish him far well. Or for that matter, see his closest friends draw tears for him as he walks away, with only hopes of seeing them again or their children for the first time. But if that isn’t enough, there is that ever looming feeling that he didn’t kiss that one special girl one last time before he departs. AH!!!!!!!!!!!!! All these things run through his mind before he embarks on a festive occasion, to see the team he loves to watch the most in the world………..watching the Chicago White Sox kicking ass on his last day at home. He thinks about all these things as he drives himself to the game.
How does one express all these things? For so long this young adult has felt these things and whom to tell it to? Watching your family and friends cry and to take on this heart ache is unbearable, let alone, dealing with one’s own fears and inner turmoil.
One more day to go………………