Thursday, May 22, 2008

June 9th 2003

This is an old journal entry and I thought some people, who know me, might get a kick out of it.

Well it's almost time for me to leave again, off to Ft. Bliss (kill myself), TX. As of today I'm still crazy about and in love with Michelle. At the moment this sux (yes, I spelled words like this in high school) because she is on vacation. I really see myself marrying this girl someday(WOW!). Honestly. Well I hope I don't look back on this and kick myself for writting this one day (yup). Well Michelle is six days late on her period which is pretty scarry. I guess whatever happens happens, this should all be interesting. I suppose whatever happens will only make me stronger in the end.
Mean while my friendship with Jon seems to be fadding off. I can't ever hangout with him unless it Niki is working or I hangout with the both of them. That is really starting to erk me. She's got him on such a fucking invisible leash it's not even funny (there is a sketch of this in my journal).
Besides the fact that I'm going to miss Michelle and my Mom like crazy when I'm gon. I'm NNot really leaving much behind. In the school area I'm thinking of switching my major to Criminal Justice. I only can wonder what my mom will say though. Well all I can say/write now is hope for better times. Later.

Secrets to Never tell:
I like K-Pak
Finding Nemo was a good movie too
Jon is still in the closet (LOL)
I wish I could afford A&F, then wear it.
I like the Army.....I really do.

Presently this is my defense for all the above mentioned.

A; How was I ever suppose to know that Michelle was a whore when she was only 17?
B; Niki, sorry, but sometimes you (and me too) can act like a bitch.
C; Jon, You are still pussy whiped but it isn't as bad as it was back in the day.
D; The secrets..............well I was kid. That is all.


Jon said...

I think I vaguely remember reading this journal entry in one of the few times that I managed to snatch it up from one of the notoriously-easy-to-find hiding spaces you always kept it in...

LOL Marry Michelle!

K-Pak?...Is that supposed to stand for something?...

Hit me up on the blog brosef...You never leave me any comments

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