Wednesday, September 17, 2008

0430 wake ups and going to bed at Oh-dark-thirty

So far everything is going as expected. We already had some privates in our group that got married before they left (bad idea). One of which has had a break down due to the fact that his new wife has already whored it up. Yes, she did the nasty with his one of his friends. Then a couple days later he found out that....."ooops, I did it again". Lessons have been learned, A; once that white dress comes off the innocence fades away. Also, to my surprise only one soldier has broken up with a girlfriend so far, she has had a hard time with him not being around the last 3 weeks. Remind me to have a drink to the Wall of Shame, thank you ladies for your participation.

Mean while.....

We are probably the gayest bunch of guys around the block. Seriously, deployment is going about as well as can be expected and our platoon recently met our P.R.T.(Provincial Reconstruction Team). To give you a little perspective this team is comprised of Air force, Navy, civilians that deal with civil affairs, and us, the muscles. It's a joint operations mission to better the country of Afghanistan. I am enthusiastic about our mission and motivated. Our specific job is to provide security for all the people that we met in our P.R.T. so they can maneuver around the country and do their specific jobs. Well as I was saying.....oh yes, we are pretty shit stupid and gay. So we meet and great and all I can say is that we are the infantry. So the next day the platoon and I doing combatives training and the rest of our PRT is in formation and doing a run. We being the intelligent folks that we start clapping and cheering for them as a way to mock and make fun of them. They all laugh and go by, end of story right?.......No, another ten minutes they come by again and make fun of us. So we, the grunts, go into action. We mobilize! We all leave combatives, form up, and start running behind them and are doing loud cadences behind them, to drown out theirs. So I take it upon myself to sart a new cadence.....Lo and behold I start singing our theme song. Wilson Phillips, "Hold On For One More Day". You know, "Break free of the chains! Blah Blah, blah blah bLah, someones gonna turn around and say goodbye! You got to hold on for one more day!" It goes something to that affect. Long story short, PRT cracks up in laughter, we think we are really clever and they think we are nuts. They probably think we are cute and funny but they don't even realize we are like this all the time.

Later on that day after a late night briefing-

Yet another example:

We are on the bus heading back to the tents. Shakira comes on the bus' radio. You know the one, and we all start singing it. I have to laugh and join in but it still never amazes me how hard core we are and how gay we can act. lol

Also as an update, I am compiling awesome sex stories from around the platoon and will be posting them as I find the time.


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