Thursday, July 3, 2008

Too Much Info

1. What was I doing ten years ago?
Let’s see, well that would put me at 13 yrs old and I was probably up to no good with my trio, as I like to call them. Jon, Alberto, and I were always finding new ways to get in trouble and find porn. I was playing basketball and trying to do as little as possible in school without getting in too much trouble.

2. What are 5 things on my to do list for the day?
I. I want to watch some fireworks tonight.
II. I will attempt to convince my friends to go to the baseball game instead of down town to watch fireworks.
III. Have a great time after work tonight and not think about the future.
IV. Workout before my drinking starts.
V. Make out with a new girl tonight. 

3. Snacks I enjoy?
I do love beef jerky, fresh fruit, and those Harvest Chips (cheddar).

4. Things that I would do If I were a billionaire?
I would square away my family and friends so that they could be as care free as me. Secondly, have one hell of a party, like buy a club and have all my friends party there and get a kick ass band. So many things really…….I would just take it one day at a time.

5. Three of my bad habits?
I’m a bit of man whore……yeah.
I can be a little forward with people. 
I am a total push over.

6. Five Places that I have lived?
Midlothian, IL
Ft. Stewart, GA
Baqubah, Iraq
Ft. Bliss, TX
Kabul, Afghanistan (will arriving there soon)

7. Five Jobs that I have had? and the ages I had them...
McDonalds, I was 15 and that lasted about 3 months.
K-Mart, I was 16
Army, I enlisted when I was 17 and am still going strong.
Infotrack, I did criminal background checks, 20-22
Vanella, Criminal backgrounds but for more money 23-to present.

8. How did you name your blog?
Well it was nickname (Butters) when I was 18 in Iraq and these are my stories that never end. Pretty self explanatory if you ask me.


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